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Taxi is the New Celeb Ride

March 28, 2008

Some celebrities love to be seen sporting flashy convertibles, others love the green car (take note of the now widely popular Toyota Prius and BMW Hydrogen 7), a few love the really expensive, lavish ones, and then there’s Kate Moss who recently purchased a black London cab. The cost of this generic mode of transportation would not exceed 35 thousand pounds.

Kate Moss is obviously in love with cars. In the past, she had already managed to own one MG Midget, one 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, one Mercedes, a Range Rover, and an old style mini. These are just to point out a few. Someone who has seen Moss with her newest four-wheeled toy had said, “Kate was so excited – she was giggling like a kid in a sweet shop. She said it was her maiden job. And as she left the pub she banged on the window to show the cab off to her friends inside.”

Ms. Moss isn’t the only celebrity seen riding a cab. Stephen Fry was also reported to be driving around one. He gets to avoid parking tickets this way, apparently. He said, “I sometimes park it on taxi stands all day and no one notices.”

So does this mean there is a possibility of the cabs taking, say, the place of Toyota Prius among the celebrities?



Paris Hilton Fuels Up

February 26, 2008

For what seems to be a mundane task for everyone else out there, the mere action of Paris Hilton gassing up her vehicle had somehow earned its way to the headlines of tabloids and blogs alike.

Apparently, hotel heiresses don’t just go around partying or promoting their latest products (like shoes). The ever popular Ms. Paris Hilton was spotted at Mobil gas station. She wasn’t there for some product promotion or publicity stunt but rather for fuelling up her Land Rover. The Land Rover the hotel heiress was filling up has fuel requirements of premium unleaded (91 pump octane) with a fuel tank of 18.5 U.S. gallons or 70 liters.

source: Nacho Foto

Timeless vehicle of Ralph Lauren

October 26, 2007

Another great vehicle of Ralph Lauren is the 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 Mille Miglia. With an engine of dry sump twin Scintilla magneto supercharged inline 8 cylinder 2.9 liters, this car was made to perform. Its other features include hydraulic 17 inch brakes, fully independent suspension and a four speed rear transaxle.

1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 Mille Miglia

Back in 138, this Alfa Romeo was the world’s fastest production road car. A limited number of this vehicle was produced and until now, it remains to be sought after. It was in August 1999, that the roadster was last auctioned by Christies at Pebble Beach. It was bought at a price of four million and seventy two thousand US dollars.

Three of a kind

October 25, 2007

In continuation of discussing Fashion mogul, Ralph Lauren’s impressive car collection, another timeless vehicle comes into discussion. This is his 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe. It is said that this is the best-known Bugatti cars. The “S” actually stands for “surbaissé” (“lowered”), but many feels that it stood for “sport”.

1938 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic

Based on the “Aérolithe” concept car of 1935, The Atlantic body Type 57S had “flowing coupe lines with a pronounced dorsal seam running front to back.” Only three of this model was ever made and Ralph Lauren has one of it in his garage. The other lucky owner is Dr. Peter Williamson, who won the 2003 Pebble Beach Car show with a SC57 Atlantic. The other vehicle can no longer be found.

Lauren’s other collection (continued)

October 12, 2007

Today on the trail of Ralph Lauren’s impressive car collection is the 1930 Mercedes-Benz “Count Trossi” SSK. Rare and classic, this Mercedes has distinctive aerodynamic pontoon fenders, long and low bonnet and tapered tail.

Mercedes Benz Count Trossi

The cabin is not equipped with doors, but inside one would see the luxury in the custom dash board complemented by a huge Mercedes-Benz steering wheel.

Its 18 inch wheels sit huge copper brake drums that were originally designed to aid brake cooling. Under the hood, the engine occupies most of the bay. It can provide a full 300bhp due to the ‘elephant’ supercharger that came straight from the special SSKL.

When Ralph Lauren got this car he had Paul Russel and company restore it. They then dedicated 5000 work hours and two years, before introducing it at the 1993 Pebble Beach Concours where it won Best In Show. It also conquered the 2007 Villa d’Este Concours where it also won Best in Show.

The Ralph Lauren collection does not end here, more to come next week.

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Lauren’s other collection

October 11, 2007

Ralph Lauren has become synonymous to power and style. But not many people know Ralph Lauren is not just a fashion mogul, he also has an exceptional car collection. There is no comparison to his cars which he describes as having, “Timeless Beauty.”

It is in the Speed, Style and Beauty: The Ralph Lauren Car Collection in Discovery Channel where Ralph Lauren opened his garage and let the public take a peek at some of his jaw-dropping cars.

“I’ve always admired timelessness, and some of the cars that I have started to collect have that message of timeless beauty,” Lauren says in the show.

Timeless, indeed, his cars are impressively beautiful and great performing. Among his collection is the 1929 Blower Bentley. This classic Bentley is made to win races. Its classic design and performance made it land as one of James Bond’s car in Ian Fleming’s early novels.

Blower Bentley

It is said that the car was designed by W.O. Bentley, but it was Sir Henry Birkin, who insisted on Bentley to include a supercharger, or the “blower” element.

More of Ralph Lauren’s cars on the next posts.

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