Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her BMW 3 Series Coupe

The former “Laguna Beach” star may have been good at keeping herself under the radar of the media. But this one? This one news they won’t let it slide. Seen riding a BMW 3 Series Coupe, Ms. Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari was reported to have driven it during her shopping trip to Los Angeles. The photo below shows her recent shopping escapade.

This BMW 3 Series coupe has an exterior that’s all about class and making all the right impression. The interior is just as promising: a combination of colors and materials oozing with elegance and sportiness rolled into one neat package. Performance, comfort and safety issues? Not with this one. As usual, it seems as if BMW has taken care of what a girl wants – from the option of tricking out the wheels to enhanced lighting for a more comfortable ride.

The news of a rich little girl owning a BMW 3 Series Coupe doesn’t really seem much. Then again, there’s nothing too little or too much about whatever news that’ll be rolling off the headlines when you’re a celebrity. Especially when it’s one filled with teen-age drama. This time around, the media chose to spot Kristin Cavallari’s pretty low-profiled but nonetheless sleek ride.

Quick facts: Kristin Cavallari got featured in “Laguna Beach” and became one of the hottest breakout stars. She’s made even more famous because of the love triangle that ensued between her, Stephen Colletti and Lauren Conrad. To this date, LC and Kristin are said to have called truce.

source: Celebrity Cars Blog


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