Taxi is the New Celeb Ride

Some celebrities love to be seen sporting flashy convertibles, others love the green car (take note of the now widely popular Toyota Prius and BMW Hydrogen 7), a few love the really expensive, lavish ones, and then there’s Kate Moss who recently purchased a black London cab. The cost of this generic mode of transportation would not exceed 35 thousand pounds.

Kate Moss is obviously in love with cars. In the past, she had already managed to own one MG Midget, one 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, one Mercedes, a Range Rover, and an old style mini. These are just to point out a few. Someone who has seen Moss with her newest four-wheeled toy had said, “Kate was so excited – she was giggling like a kid in a sweet shop. She said it was her maiden job. And as she left the pub she banged on the window to show the cab off to her friends inside.”

Ms. Moss isn’t the only celebrity seen riding a cab. Stephen Fry was also reported to be driving around one. He gets to avoid parking tickets this way, apparently. He said, “I sometimes park it on taxi stands all day and no one notices.”

So does this mean there is a possibility of the cabs taking, say, the place of Toyota Prius among the celebrities?



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