Britney’s Cars for Sale

Britney. When the headlines display that two-syllable name, one doesn’t even have to wonder who the Britney is said headline is referring to. From teeny bopper super pop star to a sexy diva super pop star, Britney Spears has managed to make a name that’s all hers in the crowded world of celebrities. From number one hits to crazy public stunts, Britney has done it all. You think there’s nothing left for Britney to do? Think again. But don’t guess too hard. The name of this blog ought to clue you in…

That’s right. The latest news about Britney is that her cars are being sold. Among her vehicle assets are the two white Mercedes Benz (SL65 and CLK350), one white Mini Cooper and one black Audi in which she was all seen driving around at some point in her earlier career. During a court hearing, Jamie Spears (Britney’s dad) was given the right to either have Britney’s seven cars sold or disposed of. Jamie’s legal team opted to sell it, seeing that her fleet of seven cars is too much to keep around. Aside from that, she would be able to save a massive amount of money by selling them.

Apparently, due to the turmoil that the pop princess’ life has been – from her divorce to the issue about her two children being not properly cared for – the court had deemed it necessary to hand off the legal rights of he selling of Britney’s car to her father. Jamie Spears is in charge of some of his daughter’s properties or assets until the 31st of July.

From “Hit Me Baby One More Time” hit song to “Chaos” television reality show, from giving the all-American girl-next-door image to public breakdowns, there is nothing Britney isn’t doing that the media isn’t following. And this latest regarding her father selling her cars is no exception.


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