Batista’s Rides: What Was Tricked Out and What Wasn’t

You’d be surprised if you knew the cars that the star wrestler Dave Batista prefers. The first expensive car he bought was a black 2003 BMW 745Li. He confessed that he is still attached to it until now. The outside of this sedan may not look like it houses a fairly spacious interior but it seems to suit Batista just fine. This sleek sedan is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine which has 325 horsepower. It is obviously able to deliver a smooth yet potent ride. If you have any doubts about how a six foot five can fit into it, here is what Batista had to say, “I got it ‘cause it was so roomy.” Apparently, the inside of the 2003 BMW 745Li is spacious and comfortable enough for him, as he hadn’t done any changes to the car. True to the BMW’s elegant and luxurious nature, the materials used for trimming the cabin are leather, brushed aluminum and wood.

What else was Batista gushing about his first ever lavish car? The wheels. He said, “It has really nice rims, Asanti (22-inch) with black centers. The cool thing about the rims is that they have a six-inch deep-dish lip, which is not real common. I have the Strut grille package. I shaved off the BMW emblems, and had Strut put on it. People ask me all the time what kind of car it is.”

Other cars one can find in his garage are an immaculate-looking Mercedes Benz SL500 with 20-inch Asanti rims and a Hummer H2 which he drives the most. He had some changes made to the Hummer H2, like a sound system comprised of four 1000-watt Alpine amps and eight Kicker subs.

source: DuPont Registry


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