Behind the Garage Doors of the World’s Richest

Everyone loves to own at least one car. In today’s world, it has become a necessity. But when you’re rich and money is no object at all, what cars will you own? How many cars will you own? Owner of casino resorts such as Wynne Las Vegas, billionaire Stephen Wynne, had just bought his wife, Elaine, a blue Ferrari F430 Spyder of the 2007 model. The story behind the purchase can be summed up to this: Because the color of the Spydr matches her eyes. Mrs. Wynne has other cars aside from her new Ferrari. She also drives a Bentley Arnage and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Other billionaires prefer less flashy cars. Warren Buffett, a genius investor, drives around a low-profile Cadillac DTS sedan in spite of the fact that he is worth more than $50 billion. With a similar case, the Wal-Mart successor, Alice Walton chose to own a typical Ford F-150 pickup.

Donald Trump, a billionaire because of his real estate empire, spends hundreds of thousands (or more) for his rides of choice. His car collection includes several Rolls-Royce Phantoms and a Ferrari F430.

Owning cars, whether you’re a billionaire or not, really does speak of one’s personality. It has become a popular tool of expression. Aside from owning cars that suit both needs and wants, accessorizing them is something most people seem to enjoy doing.

source: MSNBC


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