Edward Norton Becomes A Member of the BMW Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program

Golden Globe awardee and Oscar nominee Edward Norton is the latest in line in the BMW Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program. Joining Will Ferrell and Jay Leno, Norton received the keys to the first ever luxury sedan which is powered by hydrogen. This luxury sedan is not for sale. However, because of its use of hydrogen as its sustainable fuel when it comes to transportation it is already deemed as an achievement. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions which harms our environment since it gives off only water vapor. It is BMW’s belief that the Hydrogen 7 will pave way in using hydrogen as an effective alternative to gasoline for a better and safer environment. Norton had commented, ““The excitement of this car to me is that it demonstrates what we’re capable of, and it inspires me to keep advocating for a more sustainable way of life.”

Norton seems to be fit for being in the Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program because he himself was responsible for coming up with the Solar Neighbors Program. This program’s objective was to bring photovoltaic (PV) panels to the low-income houses in Los Angeles. He was able to draw in celebrities to the program, such as Brad Pitt. It was a successful project. “Within its first year the program succeeded in getting resources for dozens of solar installations for inner-city families.”

BMW had gotten the likes of Edward Norton and other popular and influential people in their Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program to encourage the people in giving their massive support to vehicles which are powered by hydrogen instead of fuel. Other notable members of the program are Placid Domingo (opera star singer) and Steve Gaghan (a recognized director). To add to the illustrious list of the power of the Hydrogen 7’s concept, power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had chosen to ride the BMW Hydrogen 7 during the premiere of “Ocean’s 13.” For the Cinema for Peace Gala which took place in Berlin, Richard Gere and Sharon Stone had the Hydrogen 7 for their ride.

source: Auto Uncovered


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