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Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her BMW 3 Series Coupe

March 29, 2008

The former “Laguna Beach” star may have been good at keeping herself under the radar of the media. But this one? This one news they won’t let it slide. Seen riding a BMW 3 Series Coupe, Ms. Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari was reported to have driven it during her shopping trip to Los Angeles. The photo below shows her recent shopping escapade.

This BMW 3 Series coupe has an exterior that’s all about class and making all the right impression. The interior is just as promising: a combination of colors and materials oozing with elegance and sportiness rolled into one neat package. Performance, comfort and safety issues? Not with this one. As usual, it seems as if BMW has taken care of what a girl wants – from the option of tricking out the wheels to enhanced lighting for a more comfortable ride.

The news of a rich little girl owning a BMW 3 Series Coupe doesn’t really seem much. Then again, there’s nothing too little or too much about whatever news that’ll be rolling off the headlines when you’re a celebrity. Especially when it’s one filled with teen-age drama. This time around, the media chose to spot Kristin Cavallari’s pretty low-profiled but nonetheless sleek ride.

Quick facts: Kristin Cavallari got featured in “Laguna Beach” and became one of the hottest breakout stars. She’s made even more famous because of the love triangle that ensued between her, Stephen Colletti and Lauren Conrad. To this date, LC and Kristin are said to have called truce.

source: Celebrity Cars Blog


Taxi is the New Celeb Ride

March 28, 2008

Some celebrities love to be seen sporting flashy convertibles, others love the green car (take note of the now widely popular Toyota Prius and BMW Hydrogen 7), a few love the really expensive, lavish ones, and then there’s Kate Moss who recently purchased a black London cab. The cost of this generic mode of transportation would not exceed 35 thousand pounds.

Kate Moss is obviously in love with cars. In the past, she had already managed to own one MG Midget, one 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, one Mercedes, a Range Rover, and an old style mini. These are just to point out a few. Someone who has seen Moss with her newest four-wheeled toy had said, “Kate was so excited – she was giggling like a kid in a sweet shop. She said it was her maiden job. And as she left the pub she banged on the window to show the cab off to her friends inside.”

Ms. Moss isn’t the only celebrity seen riding a cab. Stephen Fry was also reported to be driving around one. He gets to avoid parking tickets this way, apparently. He said, “I sometimes park it on taxi stands all day and no one notices.”

So does this mean there is a possibility of the cabs taking, say, the place of Toyota Prius among the celebrities?


Britney’s Cars for Sale

March 28, 2008

Britney. When the headlines display that two-syllable name, one doesn’t even have to wonder who the Britney is said headline is referring to. From teeny bopper super pop star to a sexy diva super pop star, Britney Spears has managed to make a name that’s all hers in the crowded world of celebrities. From number one hits to crazy public stunts, Britney has done it all. You think there’s nothing left for Britney to do? Think again. But don’t guess too hard. The name of this blog ought to clue you in…

That’s right. The latest news about Britney is that her cars are being sold. Among her vehicle assets are the two white Mercedes Benz (SL65 and CLK350), one white Mini Cooper and one black Audi in which she was all seen driving around at some point in her earlier career. During a court hearing, Jamie Spears (Britney’s dad) was given the right to either have Britney’s seven cars sold or disposed of. Jamie’s legal team opted to sell it, seeing that her fleet of seven cars is too much to keep around. Aside from that, she would be able to save a massive amount of money by selling them.

Apparently, due to the turmoil that the pop princess’ life has been – from her divorce to the issue about her two children being not properly cared for – the court had deemed it necessary to hand off the legal rights of he selling of Britney’s car to her father. Jamie Spears is in charge of some of his daughter’s properties or assets until the 31st of July.

From “Hit Me Baby One More Time” hit song to “Chaos” television reality show, from giving the all-American girl-next-door image to public breakdowns, there is nothing Britney isn’t doing that the media isn’t following. And this latest regarding her father selling her cars is no exception.

Eddie Jordan’s Sports Car Up for Grabs

March 27, 2008

Eddie Jordan is a former Formula One team boss and his Morgan Plus 4 sports car – which only covered only 530 miles – is for sale. Born in Ireland, he founded and formerly owned the Jordan Grand Prix team which he managed to run from 1991 until 2005. Although they weren’t exactly top notch, the team did manage to get a one-two during he 1998 Belgium Grand Prix with Damon Hill and Ralf Schumacher.

The Morgan Plus 4 is a classic British sports car manufactured based on the 1950s original model. This car is a modern classic that’s all about throwing in a “big torquey motor in a lightweight car and go!” It is powered by a 2-liter Duratec engine and can go from 0-62 in a space of 7.3 seconds. One can find a leather dash board and console in the interior of the car. This two-seater is enveloped in claret leather and comes with a heated front screen. The wheels are just as impressive: 15-inch stainless steel wire wheels. This is an option that costs around a thousand pounds.

This car may look old and traditional but don’t let that fool you. It’s built to catch up to today’s modern need for speed.

source: Auto Trader

Simon Cowell’s Hot Ride

March 25, 2008

There is one thing that Simon Cowell, one of the judge for “American Idol,” is now known for. No, it’s something else besides his frankness when it comes to giving comments to the contestants. It’s his Bugatti Veyron, a powerful 16-cylinder four-wheel drive. It’s astonishing in looks and even more astonishing in performance and capabilities. This certain Bugatti boasts of a maximum speed of over 400 km per hour. Its horsepower will make jaws drop and heads spin, as its total offers up to 1,001. The Veyron needs only a horsepower between 270 and 280 to get a constant sped of 250 km/h. To help bring out the best performance and an unforgettable drive or ride, its Electronic Stability Program (ESP) makes certain that you get adjusted accordingly to whatever speed you’re riding with. Its advanced aerodynamics keeps you assured that you’ll stay on the road even when you’re racing down the street. This car goes from zero to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. An efficient braking system? Not a problem at all. Bugatti made sure that its ceramic brakes slow down quicker than it can accelerate.

Making use of titanium, carbon, magnesium, and aluminum, this car was meant to be truly lightweight. Titanium piston rods, titanium screws, magnesium valve caps, and titanium exhaust system all shave off some weight to achieve this lightweight flawlessness. With this car, safety is not overlooked. Carbon monocoque construction is applied. It is capable of withstanding massive impact from crashes. It’s the same material used in the Formula 1 racecars. The Bugatti Veyron has precision engineering – from the steering system to the tires. Every inch of this model seems to scream out perfection. Not really a far cry from what Simon Cowell aims for when it comes to his expectations regarding the contestants of the reality T.V. show “American Idol.”


3M Car Care Garage Will Showcase Hot Celebrity Cars

March 18, 2008

Being an exclusive sponsor, the 3M Car care Garage will present 60 to 80 cars of celebrities during the Food Lion Auto Fair at Lowe’s Moto Speedway. This event is held twice per year and is actually distinguished for being the “world’s largest automotive extravaganza.” Some celebrities whose cars are expected to be showcased are LeBron James, Tony Stewart, Geg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The event will start on the third of April and will wrap up on the sixth of April. It will not only present cars of the celebrities but an array of lean, mean machines and environmentally friendly cars as well. This is in the spirit of the theme, which is about a friendly competition between the “mean” cars and the “green” cars.

The 3M Car Care Garage will be presenting demonstrations of the applied technology and modernization used in the 3M products. The Food Lion Auto Fair will be show cars of various brands and models taken from 50 club displays. Numerous parts and memorabilia vendors and a massive flea market will be there to make the fair even more enjoyable. There are a lot more offered in this fair, with the showcasing of celebrity cars as one of the highlights of the said event.

source: Paddock Talk

Batista’s Rides: What Was Tricked Out and What Wasn’t

March 14, 2008

You’d be surprised if you knew the cars that the star wrestler Dave Batista prefers. The first expensive car he bought was a black 2003 BMW 745Li. He confessed that he is still attached to it until now. The outside of this sedan may not look like it houses a fairly spacious interior but it seems to suit Batista just fine. This sleek sedan is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine which has 325 horsepower. It is obviously able to deliver a smooth yet potent ride. If you have any doubts about how a six foot five can fit into it, here is what Batista had to say, “I got it ‘cause it was so roomy.” Apparently, the inside of the 2003 BMW 745Li is spacious and comfortable enough for him, as he hadn’t done any changes to the car. True to the BMW’s elegant and luxurious nature, the materials used for trimming the cabin are leather, brushed aluminum and wood.

What else was Batista gushing about his first ever lavish car? The wheels. He said, “It has really nice rims, Asanti (22-inch) with black centers. The cool thing about the rims is that they have a six-inch deep-dish lip, which is not real common. I have the Strut grille package. I shaved off the BMW emblems, and had Strut put on it. People ask me all the time what kind of car it is.”

Other cars one can find in his garage are an immaculate-looking Mercedes Benz SL500 with 20-inch Asanti rims and a Hummer H2 which he drives the most. He had some changes made to the Hummer H2, like a sound system comprised of four 1000-watt Alpine amps and eight Kicker subs.

source: DuPont Registry

Behind the Garage Doors of the World’s Richest

March 13, 2008

Everyone loves to own at least one car. In today’s world, it has become a necessity. But when you’re rich and money is no object at all, what cars will you own? How many cars will you own? Owner of casino resorts such as Wynne Las Vegas, billionaire Stephen Wynne, had just bought his wife, Elaine, a blue Ferrari F430 Spyder of the 2007 model. The story behind the purchase can be summed up to this: Because the color of the Spydr matches her eyes. Mrs. Wynne has other cars aside from her new Ferrari. She also drives a Bentley Arnage and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Other billionaires prefer less flashy cars. Warren Buffett, a genius investor, drives around a low-profile Cadillac DTS sedan in spite of the fact that he is worth more than $50 billion. With a similar case, the Wal-Mart successor, Alice Walton chose to own a typical Ford F-150 pickup.

Donald Trump, a billionaire because of his real estate empire, spends hundreds of thousands (or more) for his rides of choice. His car collection includes several Rolls-Royce Phantoms and a Ferrari F430.

Owning cars, whether you’re a billionaire or not, really does speak of one’s personality. It has become a popular tool of expression. Aside from owning cars that suit both needs and wants, accessorizing them is something most people seem to enjoy doing.

source: MSNBC

Taking a Look at Some Celebrities’ Unique Cars

March 11, 2008

Some celebrities – Hollywood celebs, sports stars, music artists — like to keep a low profile while others tend to bask in the spotlight directed to them. They all approach and treat their stardom in varying ways, whether it’s about their preferences when staying in a hotel or their take on menu when going for a tour. It’s a real variety out there and it’s time to take a look at some of the vehicles of celebrities. Vehicles which are meant to grab attention and make people stop and stare.

The first on the list is Britney Spears’ 2005 Hummer H2. It’s huge, it’s pink and it’s owned by none other than the Pop Princess herself, Britney Spears. This Hummer H2 is powered by a 6-liter V8 engine and has a 4-speed automatic transmission. Based from the military-based H1, this Hummer was built as a more compact, more civilian-friendly and less costly than SUVs. It can accommodate up to five passengers with an optional third row.

Rapper baby Bash owns a 2005 Dodge Magnum. This sleek car of his is done in two-tone, sure to catch anyone’s attention. This one’s a wagon with three trim levels offered: SE, SXT and RT. The SE houses a 2.7-liter V6 engine with 190 hp while the SXT is powered by a V6 with 250 hp. With the RT trim comes a 5.7-lier V8 engine with 340 hp. This Dodge seems to be designed to look cool and to give a powerful performance.

Basketball star Tracy McGrady preferred the 2002 Ferrari Spyder 360 Modena F1 as one of his choices of cars. It comes with leather seats, a blast of an effective air conditioning system, power windows, locks and mirrors, and AM/FM radio with CD player. This being a supercar seems to be a fitting choice for such a distinguished player.

source: Celebrities Gone Wild

“Entourage” Cast Talks Cars

March 6, 2008

The successful HBO television show series “Entourage” features a group of men out for a good time, women and male bonding sessions. But what actually goes on behind the set when the lights are turned down and the scenes are done and over with? Well, there are interviews, for one thing. And during one of their interviews, the guys from the show talked about what any other man wants to talk about: cars.

Kevin Dillon, who portrays Johnny Drama, revealed that his first car was an Audi Fox. When it got wrecked, he replaced it with a ’67 Firebird, which was a convertible. There’s a story behind that: On Friday the 13th, someone jumped out in front of him and was sent smashing through the side of the convertible. Needless to say, Friday the 13th still scares this guy until now. He said, “But they were both great cars, and I now have a ’69 Firebird, which is the best car I’ve ever had because I’ve had it for the longest period of time and it runs like a champ. It just kicks over every time. It’s amazing. I’ve had so many other cars come and go, and that Firebird is the best.” Admittedly, Dillon’s dream car is a ’67 Corvette which he hopes to own someday.

A ’65 Mustang was the first car ever owned by Jeremy Piven (a.k.a. Ari Gold). Too bad that his friend had it taken away from the city due to too many parking tickets. He was in London studying in college at that time and had gone home to find his beloved Mustang gone and sold. When asked what his dream car is, Piven responded that he’s into vintage cars like vintage Jaguars. “They’re kind of amazing,” He said.

1988 Acura Legend, gray leather interior. This was the first car that Rhys Coiro (Billy Walsh) owned. He made it pretty clear how much he loved that car, saying that one can’t go wrong with a Honda. At the moment, he doesn’t own a car. He does have a Kawasaki KLR 650, though.

Rex Lee, or Lloyd in the show, had a secondhand Buick Skylark for his first car. Next car he’d be driving? A Toyota Prius, which seems to be a favorite among the celebrities. Not one to fancy sports car, Lee says he wants some nice luxury car, like a Lexus.

The man behind the hit show, Mark Wahlberg, was also asked about his first owned car and his dream car. He said that the first car he ever bought was a Volkswagen Bug but the “first legal car” he had was a ’75 Cutlass Supreme. The story behind that car? “I sold it. I smashed it and sold it.” When asked about his dream car, he replied that he would want an electric Cadillac Escalade. This is the kind of car he hopes Cadillac will soon work on.

source: MSNBC