Tennis Players Aren’t Just for Clay Courts

“Having a passion for cars and motor sport, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to be part of all the GP action.” That is what Mark Philippoussis, the Australian tennis player champion, said about being included in the 2008 FORMULA 1™ ING Australian Grand Prix. The race is going to be held in Melbourne, Australia.

Philippoussis was one of the recent additions to the list of participants for the said event. The 193 centimeters tall Aussie tennis player will be in the race along with other athletes across various sports such as ALF, athletics, basketball, cricket, netball, rugby, soccer, and surfing.

The tall stature of Philippoussis was a bit of a concern for a moment, as there were qualms about him being able to fit into the vehicle that he would be using, the Celebrity Challenge Fiat 500. All worries were dispelled when he climbed into the Fiat and fitted in just right. The Fiat 500 is one of the hottest cars in Europe, with the proof of being awarded in different occasions several times. David Stone, General Manager of Fiat Cars in Australia, had something to say about the Fiat 500: “With its outstanding advance sales, its unique parentage and cheeky good looks, the new Fiat 500 is already a celebrity in its own right.”

source: Scoop


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