John Mayer and His Land Rover Defender

John Mayer is synonymous with “great music.” With catchy lyrics and equally catchy tunes, his songs make it clear just how talented he is. Ever since his debut single, “no Such Thing”, there is no stopping this guitar playing, singer-songwriter of the blues-rock/pop rock music. Everything he sings about is taken notice of, including which vehicle he prefers coasting around in. His choice? The Land Rover Defender, which looks just as cool as he is. Simple yet tough, this Land Rover seems to clearly parallel its owner’s personality.

The Land Rover Defender has a chassis that boasts of strength and durability, lending its hand to make the vehicle strong, versatile and durable. It body is made of lightweight aluminum, making it appear to be no-nonsense and yet wholly functional. The interior gives off the same impression of simplicity: clean and smart, each and every feature is there to function with great performance. It runs on a 2.4-liter Diesel engine which produces 360 Nm of Torque. Its six-speed transmission is particularly developed to perform smoothly, giving a relaxing drive no matter where it goes.

There are various accessories that are available to add a more personal touch. Exterior styling and unique alloy wheel designs are some of the accessories available. John Mayer opted to style his Defender with a roof rack. He was seen getting inside his vehicle at one of TMZ’s videos.

source: Celebrity Cars Blog


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