David Beckham’s Car Collection

With $1 million earned per week, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that David Beckham, the world-renowned soccer player married to none other than Spice Girls’ “Posh Spice” Victoria, has a fleet of cars which would make anyone’s eyes pop. One of the cars he owns is the Aston Martin DB7 is a sleek sports car powered by a V6 engine. It gives off a top speed of 171 mpg, providing stunning acceleration and power, able to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in just a matter of 5.4 seconds. Its interior leather and heated seats finishes off its truly one-of-a-kind experience when driving or riding it. The new model, the DB7 Coupe, is offered in the market at £96,250. It is made even better because they allow you to personalize it. Selections of adding personal touches include overmats and wire mesh grilles. Handling and power enhancements are also offered from the Driving Dynamics range.

Yet another remarkable car of Beckham is the Bentley Continental GT. This model is “inspired by the grace and power of Bentley’s thoroughbred bloodline.” The Continental GT combines power and world-class performance. It comes in three different colors: Beluga, Diamond Black and Midnight Emerald. It has either 19-inches or 20-inches chrome wheels. Other options are available, such as the painted finish. The interior is not ignored. It has engine start/stop button, gear lever and infotainment system, and 4-spoke steering wheel with gear shift paddles. These are just to name a few. The Continental GT has a 6-liter engine with twin turbochargers. These turbochargers make it possible to speed up the power output to 552bhp. Not only that but its internal efficiency results to the decrease in the emissions of CO2 as well as fuel consumption. The Bentley Continental GT offers 479 lb-ft torque. All of this makes for a thrilling drive.

Other noteworthy car David Beckham owns are BMW X5, Chrysler grand Voyager, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ford F-Series pickup, Hummer H2, Lincoln Navigator, Prosche 911 (993) Turbo, and TVR Cerbera.

source: MSN Cars UK


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