Dan Wheldon: “I’m a First-Class Flipper”

His career track is not something to be looked down. Well into his fifth season of racing competition, the 29 year-old English already impressed a lot of people with his skilled driving. He already has eleven wins in his IndyCar career, not to mention holding victory at the Indianapolis 500. Dan Wheldon belongs to Target IndyCar team, which has garnered five championship titles and forty-six wins. Admitting that he’s more of the laid-back, introverted type and that he’s not that scary when driving on the usual roads, Dan Wheldon also says that in the matter of cars he’s a “flipper.” To quote from him, “I admit it: I’m a first-class flipper… Not so long ago I had seven cars in the driveway . . . a new BMW M6, a BMW 330i, and a tricked-out Range Rover. I forget the rest. I woke up one morning and just decided to flip them. So this guy comes round, offers me a quarter of a million for the lot, and by five o’clock they’re on his truck and away.”

His collection of cars is just as impressive. His collection is definitely not something to be scoffed at. Not counting his race car, a Honda-powered, single-eat with 240-.p.h. (385 km-h), one of the cars Dan Wheldon owns is an Aston DB9. This particular model had cost him $200,000. He also loves his monster truck, the black Hummer H2, which he tweaked a little. The said Hummer now has 20-inch chrome rims. Another car included in his collection is an all-wheel drive Acura RL. He had it customized with 20-inch wheels. His plans of customizing his stealthy-black Acura do not end there. He wants to have it lowered with a television system installed at the back. “I want something different than the usual seven-inch screens in the back of the headrests. I’m looking at having a 20-inch LCD screen mounted on some kind of adjustable bracket on the center console. I’m still refining the idea.”

In a more sentimental note, Dan Wheldon has kept the red 2005 Corvette Indy Pace Car. He claims he would never sell it, as it would always be a reminder to him of that particularly significant victory back in 2005. “Winning the 500 is the best. It really puts a stamp on your career, really puts you on the map. It was definitely a defining moment for me. It’s certainly a wonderful feeling to be in the company of the racing greats who’ve won it in the past: A. J. Foyt and Rick Mears, and Britain’s Graham Hill and Jim Clark.”

Other cars he owns are a Jaguar XKR Coupe and an Acura MDX sport. Dan Wheldon says that he gets a kick out of constantly having something new to play with. Given his striking car collection, it is clear that he really does enjoy cars – whether racing on the tracks or driving on roads.

source: The Standard


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