Cars of the A-List Celebrities

It can’t be helped that when you’re a celebrity, every little thing about you is noticed. Most people drive cars and it is no earth-shattering news but when some popular celebrity is seen sporting a new car, it makes the headlines. Channel 4 has rounded up a list of celebrities, “strictly A-List”, and their cars. The first one is no other than 50 Cent.

It seems like 50 Cent isn’t all about making his mark in the music business. Even his choice of car is notable. Everyone would well remember how he had surprised the public and then raised some eyebrows when he announced that he has plans of making a drop-top out of his Rolls-Royce Phantom. 50 Cent had reportedly said, “I just want something everybody else doesn’t have… I don’t care if it messes up the electrical system. The roof is gonna be gone. I want something more sporty. I’m not an old man. That’s why I wanna chop the roof off it. I’ll leave the TVs. They had TVs in the package I got. It’s fully loaded. I’ll leave everything that’s in there. I’ll just cut the roof off. Make it into a ‘vertible.”

Bond movies are famous for hot cars and hot women and Bond girl Rosamund Pike, who appeared in “Die Another Day”, is holding back for that special car. Although a lot of choices had been given, she hasn’t settled on picking the right one for her just yet. To quote her, “I am looking for a Citroen DS. I have been on the internet but so far I haven’t found the one I want… I want one because it is beautiful, because the view is panoramic and because it is a design classic. It is a romantic car I think. From a style point of view.”

Jay Kay (a.k.a. Jamiroquai) already owns four Ferrari cars, which includes an Enzo. He said that the Enzo is “the best car” he has driven so far. Jay Kay claims, “I love the fact that my music allows me to have all these fantastic cars. I couldn’t choose between music and cars, but I am happiest in my cars.”

The other celebrities mentioned were Jonah Lomu, Vanessa-Mae, Tim Henman, Ewan McGregor, and Paul Newman.



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