Jason Priestley Starts a New IRL Team

Ever since the Beverly Hills 90210 star, Jason Priestley, had hit a wall after going 180 mph at the Kentucky Speedway back in August of 2002, he hasn’t been spotted being behind the wheels. At least, not that often enough. The accident had broken both his back and his feet. However, his love for racing can’t be called broken.

Known as an avid racer, Jason Priestley has gotten into a joint venture with the former general manager of Kelley racing, Jim Freudenberg. This partnership is going to start a new IRL or Indy Racing League team. The said team of Priestley and Freudenberg only has one race planned for competition and that is the Indianapolis 500.

There are two pro football players in the Rubicon Race Team advisory board. There’s Dallas Clark from Indianapolis Colts and then there’s Jason baker from the Carolina Panthers. The idea is to put a high-profile, seasoned driver behind the wheels when Rubicon Race Team joins the big race which is going to take place at the Brickyard some time in May. However, no names have been signed up yet.

source: Auto Blog


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