Celebrities Still Own Modest Cars

Tom Hanks       Chrysler PT Cruiser

Just because they are celebrities does not mean they can’t sport any other cars except for the expensive vehicles. Some of them are seen cruising around with modest cars. Take for example the very down-to-earth Tom Hanks. His choice of vehicle is a Chrysler PT Cruiser. This simple station wagon actually made it to the Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list. It also won the North American Car of the Year back in 2001.

Another star sporting a not-so-flashy car is Colin Farrell, the bad boy of Hollywood. He owns a Ford Bronco. This model of Ford was introduced originally as a competitor for other vehicles such as the Jeep CJ-5 (a commercial version of the famous World War II military jeepney) and the International Harvester Scout (an American civilian off-road SUV). The Ford Bronco costs around $6,950.

50 Cent has a wide range when it comes to his car collection and the Dodge Charger is one of his simpler vehicles. The 2008 Dodge Charger has 3.5 liter High Output 24-valve V6 engine, 4-speed automatic transmission and 17 inches worth of Machined-Faced aluminum wheels. This costs around $26,360.

Some stars prefer the “green cars” or the eco-friendly cars. Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and even Leonardo DiCaprio all have Toyota Prius. This car is fuel efficient and has already won numerous awards including 2007 Intellichoice as being Best Retained Value, Lowest Fue, Lowest Operating Costs, and Lowest Ownership Costs. The Toyota Prius was even named as the world’s greenest car by the Swiss government.

The other celebrities who own such examples of cars are Goldie Hawn and LeBron James, who both have Mini Coopers. Country singer Toby Keith’s choice is the popular Ford F-150. Apparently, being a celebrity does not call for an expensive collection of cars.

Source: The Michigan Journal


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