50 Cent Ranked Number Two


50 Cent is more than a hip-hop artist. He is also one of the celebrities who earned millions and millions of dollars within a day, ranking him number two among the celebrities who had the biggest paydays of 2007. He had received the net of a whopping $100 million one month before he turned thirty-one, when Coca-Cola purchased Glaceau. Glaceau is the company who sold health drinks and named a flavor after 50 Cent (Formula 50) in return that the hip-hop star will receive a small share of the company.

The stars are never without flashy automobiles and this one is no exception. 50 Cent owns cars that are bomb-proof. It’s his take on precaution, having been shot inside a car years ago. There had been a time when he raised some eyebrows when he told the public that he would like to turn his Rolls-Royce Phantom into a drop-top, saying he just wants what everybody doesn’t have. The Rolls Royce Phantom has 453 hp at 5350 rpm with a V12 engine. BMW had set the lifetime limit of this model to ten thousand. This means that only ten thousand units of the Rolls Royce Phantom will be available.

News from Channel 4


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