Bono auction off his Ducati 916

It is always nice to see how celebrities take some time off and contribute something worth-while like participating in certain charities and reaching out to others. It’s one thing if a celebrity opts for environment friendly car, but another to give up some of their goods to raise funds for charity is another. It comes no surprise that U2’s Bono plays an active role in numerous charity institutions, now his putting his Ducati 916 to raise funds for Riders for Health.

Whoever gets this Ducati 916 also gets a desmodromic valvetrain and a host of racing features like a single-sided swingarm and underseat exhaust. Along with these features, this particular Ducati 916 was previously owned by the late Michael Hutchence of INXS, and then by U2’s Adam Clayton, before ending up in Bono’s hands.

According to the reports of, Riders for Health is an “organization that provides healthcare to remote locations in Africa and uses motorcycles to reach those in need.” Reports also said that the auction will be held at the International Motorcycle and Scooter show on the 2nd of December in Birmingham, UK.

It is quite appropriate that Bono chose a motorcycle to help Riders for Health, considering that the organization is based on using motorcycles.


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