Lauren’s other collection

Ralph Lauren has become synonymous to power and style. But not many people know Ralph Lauren is not just a fashion mogul, he also has an exceptional car collection. There is no comparison to his cars which he describes as having, “Timeless Beauty.”

It is in the Speed, Style and Beauty: The Ralph Lauren Car Collection in Discovery Channel where Ralph Lauren opened his garage and let the public take a peek at some of his jaw-dropping cars.

“I’ve always admired timelessness, and some of the cars that I have started to collect have that message of timeless beauty,” Lauren says in the show.

Timeless, indeed, his cars are impressively beautiful and great performing. Among his collection is the 1929 Blower Bentley. This classic Bentley is made to win races. Its classic design and performance made it land as one of James Bond’s car in Ian Fleming’s early novels.

Blower Bentley

It is said that the car was designed by W.O. Bentley, but it was Sir Henry Birkin, who insisted on Bentley to include a supercharger, or the “blower” element.

More of Ralph Lauren’s cars on the next posts.

Some details of this story were based on the press release posted in, as well as the photo.


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