Prius for Ms. Alba

Toyota Prius is probably the most popular hybrid car today with its gaining patrons and impressive sales with monthly sales of 12,227 units. The said figure moved the Prius to the ninth place for the top ten bestselling cars in the U.S. for the month of February.

Jessica Alba and her Prius

The Prius is also very popular among celebrities including Jessica Alba. But the hybrid car’s popularity is matched by its great performance, which not everyone expected from an environment-friendly vehicle. It is able to produce 110 horsepower and can easily reach 60 miles in 10.2 seconds. In fact, Alba said in her recent interview with Jay Leno that she also gets speeding ticket. This just shows that the Prius has enough power. Boasting on being a green vehicle, the Prius can emit 89 percent less smog-forming emissions, compared to an average new car.

Jessica Alba will also be driving her real life car, the Prius, in her new movie, “Good Luck Chuck.”


One Response to “Prius for Ms. Alba”

  1. Jim (I Love Hybrid Cars!) Stockton Says:

    I’m so happy to see celebrities that support green technology! They’re in a better position to get the word out to everyone. I hope she continues to make her statements about being green!

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