Jay Leno receives new BMW Hydrogen 7

When promoting car, who better to help a car manufacturer than a car enthusiast such as Jay Leno. He is probably the ultimate car enthusiast with a collection of cars varying from different types and model year. In BMW’s aim to promote the use of hydrogen fuel in the automotive industry, BMW gave the Hydrogen 7 to Jay Leno as a part of the company’s Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program.

jay leno with bmw hydrogen7“As an avid car enthusiast I’m always interested in the future of automotive technology,” says Leno. I look forward to driving the Hydrogen 7 and learning more about hydrogen as a fuel for our future.”

Will Ferrell is also another celebrity that was able to take home this new green car. Although it promotes a cleaner environment, the BMW Hydrogen 7 is also a luxury car packed with many technological features.
Jay Leno with BMW Hydrogen 7


One Response to “Jay Leno receives new BMW Hydrogen 7”

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