Hilary won’t be getting her dream car

Hilary DuffWe are always watching out for the latest mischief, success and glamorous lifestyle of celebrities. Their homes and cars are just some of the things we are so interested, because most of the time, they tend to buy the fastest, luxurious and most powerful vehicles.

It is not common that celebrities would not be allowed to buy the ride that they want, well not in the case of Hilary Duff. Apparently Hilary Duff has been banned from buying her dream car, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, because she is such a bad driver. It has been reported that Hilary Duff is apparently such a bad driver that her manager was the one to ban her, saying that he was looking after her well being.

Hilary said that “The other day I had a little accident because I was driving while I was on the phone. It was just a tap, nothing serious, so I thought; I’ll keep going its fine, whatever. But my business manager told me, ‘You have to be careful, because people will sue you.’ So I need to be cautious.”


3 Responses to “Hilary won’t be getting her dream car”

  1. u Says:

    She is ugly….or easier said…she made herself ugly

  2. tatiana Says:

    hey im a fan i love ur muisc it rocks and u tooooooooooooooooooo lolz
    love Vanssa
    to Hilary Duff

  3. tatiana Says:

    why aret u getting ur DREM CAR?

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