Italian pop singer goes green

LorenzLexus cars prime dealership, in Edgware Road, is leading the way to “greenship” with various hybrids coming out of its doors. Even celebrities like the pop hunk Lorenz got in the green craze.

The Italian pop sensation Lorenz, who sang the hit song Set Me Free, shares how he loves his Lexus RX400 Hybrid. According to him, he has always been very aware of green issues while saying that he really treasures the planet and want to do his best to take care of it. He deduced that his car has been a revelation to him and that he was so amazed with its qualities.


Furthermore, he said it is really a beautiful car – very luxurious and comfortable inside – that one does not think it is even switched on. He was also particularly stunned by the fact that its petrol consumption is the lowest he has ever experienced and that he traveled a lot around the UK.

The Lexus RX 400h uses a hybrid powertrain system that combines a gasoline-fueled V6 engine with a battery pack and electric motor generators.


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