Ben Affleck rolls James Bond style

Ben AffleckJames Bond is an icon in the movie industry, all actors can agree to that. Ben Affleck did not only agree but may have had a special interest in the character as he was seen driving in an Aston Martin DB7. The Golden Globe Award-nominated actor is one of the famous leading men in Hollywood films today.

The Aston Martin DB7 was a grand tourer made from September 1994 to December 2003. The grand tourer was available either as a coupé or a convertible, and debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 1993. The DB7 was the most successful Aston Martin model ever, with more than 7,000 built before it was replaced by the DB9. The DB7 was styled by Ian Callum, and it is widely considered one of the most beautiful and timeless of automotive designs.

Who wouldn’t want to be James Bond who is famous for having “sex for dinner and death for breakfast”.


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