An SUV type of gal

Following up on Serena Williams’ other vehicles, her garage also house a Range Rover Sport.

The Range Rover Sport is a mid-size luxury SUV. It shares its platform with the Land Rover Discovery rather than the larger Range Rover. Land Rover calls the vehicle a sports tourer. It slots below the Discovery/LR3 in size and has only seating for five.

Range Rover Sport

The top-level Sport is powered by a supercharged 390 PS (287 kW/410 hp) 4.2 L AJ-V8, making it the second most powerful vehicle in the company’s history except for the larger Range Rover Vogue SE supercharged (450BHP, 420lb/ft). A normally-aspirated 4.4 L version is available with 300 PS (220 kW/295 hp). The TDV6 turbodiesel engine of 190 hp is available outside the North American market. All models have six-speed automatic transmissions and fuel capacities of about 88 liters.

Aside from the speed that Williams get from the BMW Z3 she would also need the power she can get from the Range Rover Sport.


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