Serena takes the wheel

Top of the line sports cars may not be enough for our celebrities, some of them want to experience the thrill of race car driving, thanks to a reality show, “Fast Cars & Superstars — Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race”, young celebrities will now have a chance to experience life in the fast lane.

One famous sports celebrity, Serena Williams got the ride of her life as she, together with NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, drove at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in North Carolina.

Talking about her experience, the tennis pro said, “The fact that they’re driving 200 mph behind each other and there’s like two inches that separate them,” she said. “And then if, they just, you know — it’s crazy.”

Fast Cars & Superstars — Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race is sponsored by The show started in June 7 and can be seen on ABC. The show feature twelve celebrity drivers whom will partner with the Gillette Young Guns – six of stock car racing’s most talented and popular drivers. Their goal is to learn what it takes to win on the race track during the seven episode series.

Watch out for more news about the celebrities on the show on the next posts.


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