Rocky in a Phantom

Sylvester Stallone, famous for his tough characters like Rambo and Rocky, shows us some of his class when caught stepping inside his gold Rolls Royce Phantom.

Stallone and the Phantom

The elegant vehicle is not just for show, it a powerful 6.75 L, 48-valve, V12 engine that produces 453 hp and 531 ft lb of torque. The Phantom’s engine is derived from BMW’s existing V12 powerplant.


Stallone’s nicely sculpted physique fit comfortably inside his Phantom. The body of the car is built on an aluminum space frame and the it can accelerate to 100 km/h or 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. It has a six-speed automatic transmission and double wishbone suspension.


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One Response to “Rocky in a Phantom”

  1. Dianna Trent Says:

    WHOA! Leave it to Sly to own something like this! A V12 engine?!? Oh yeah – he can afford the outlandish prices for gas! HA! Amazing looking ride though!

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