Teri’s green bus

Teri Hatcher in her VW bus

Teri Hatcher was caught driving this green VW bus. You would think that after winning a Golden Globe for her performance in Desperate Housewives, she would be driving in a more elegant car. She desperately need to get a newer and more stylish car.

This VW bus, formally known as Volkswagen Type 2 or Transporter, was the second automotive line introduced by the German automaker introduced in 1950. It is generally considered to be the forerunner of modern cargo and passenger vans. The Type 2 spawned a number of imitators both in the United States and Europe including the Ford Econoline, Dodge A100 and the Chevrolet Corvan. Production of this model with a few updated versions are still active in international markets.

Teri Hatcher must really love her vintage bus. Well, it is a classic. This VW bus is actually quite famous. It has been used in several films and it is the car model used in the TV show Scooby Doo as the gang’s Mystery Machine.

The photo was taken from TMZ.com


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