Is it sweet or creepy…

osbourne_324×450.jpgI just found out that Jack Osbourne, yup.. Ozzy’s son, has an interesting car. He drives a BMW X5. You’ll probably say, “what’s so special about that?” As you can see in the photo, the car features a phantasmagorical rendition of the family Osbourne, depicting them as corpses. It’s sweet to have a family portrait painted on your car but depicting them as corpses? There’s something to think about. Anyway, going back to his X5. The BMW X5 was this German automaker’s first entry into the luxury SUV segment. BMW designed the X5 for on-road performance and handling. It was actually praised fo its carlike ride and handling, its wide range of engine choices and its top safety scores and equipment.


*this photo was taken from msnbc


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