The Cobra can attack


The 1966 Ford AC Cobra 427 is supposedly Jay Leno’s favorite car from the ’60s, and who wouldn’t like it? The name itself makes it lethal enough to attack you. It’s actually very popular car for two reasons: looks and speed. With its powerful V8 427 engine that puts out a top speed of 425 horsepower, which might not sound much but the Cobra has one of the best power to weight ratios around. Judging on the looks, the 427 Cobra is really an American classic.

1966 Ford AC CObra 427

The Cobra’s best feature would probably be its body. The 427 Cobra has a tube frame, aluminum body and coil spring chassis that not only sets it apart; it puts it well ahead of the pack.


As I repeatedly say “the Cobra” just to really give an emphasis on the excellence of this vehicle. Just by its sleek look and style, truly something to bow down to.


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