Size does matter

9742381.jpg Buying a sports car is one thing, but fitting in its compact interior is another. That was the dilemma of famous NBA player Shaquille O’Neil then when he purchased his Lamborghini Gallarado. But now, he no longer worries about it, thanks to the good people of the Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters. They customized the Italian sports car by adding 12 inches through the middle. This will surely make the 7-foot-1-inch athlete more comfortable. The Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters is a a supplier for such corporations as the Boeing Company and PPG Aerospace Glass.



Shaq’s newly customized Gallardo received custom extended doors, roof and side windows. The company says it strove to maintain the car’s “visual integrity” with the changes. Glass fabrication was a particular challenge, the company said. “We relied on our aerospace and coachworks divisions to make sure Shaq could fit in the car, but the naked eye could not detect any differences from the original Gallardo,” Gaffoglio CEO George Gaffoglio said.


For Shaq, his height certainly did not became a hindrance in driving this amazing vehicle. Customization have become really the fad these days. Modifying the already expensive rides to a more suitable one for its owners.


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