Britney Rides Off

070216_spears_scoop_vmed_1pwidec.jpgPartying hard, going to rehab, and choosing the right wig, Britney Spears is certainly a news attraction. With the paparazzi always on her tail, she needs a car to outrun them. Her ride of choice? The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. It is the fastest automatic transmission car in the world with a top speed of 334 km/h (207 mph). It is very pricey $450,000, but apparently not pricey enough for the American popstar.

SLR McLaren

One of the goals of the SLR was to combine both supercar and GT characteristics. That is why it is sometimes classified as a Supercar, and compared to cars like the Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. The presence of the automatic and its driving characteristics even lead critics to classify the SLR McLaren as a Super GT whose closer rivals are the Aston Martin Vanquish and Ferrari 599 GTB.

The SLR has a five speed automatic transmission with three separate modes: Sport, Comfort and Manual. Sport used for everyday use, Comfort starts in second gear for bumpy or slippery roads. Manual allows the driver to shift gears with the touchpad or the simple levers on the steering wheel.

Britney will truly outrun all paparazzi with this sweet ride.


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